The Struggle to Not Be Fat

I have figured out why I struggle to keep weight off and its something that has been right in front of my face this entire time. I love food too much. I have gone months, even years, on a diet but in the end food lures me back with its deliciousness. A person can only endure so many meals of chicken and rice you know? Imagine you bring your boringly bland chicken and veggies into work fully prepared to eat healthy and lose weight but then you see it out of the corner of your eye, a box of donuts. You proceed to look down at your chicken and suddenly regard it as cat food. Every ounce of your being tries to resist but its utterly impossible, the chocolate covered donut is already in your mouth. I have to deal with this scenario almost everyday at work and I’m lucky if I don’t eat a donut more than two days out of the week. This is just at work though! When I’m out, the fight to not be fat grows harder. There’s an insane amount of good food out there just calling my name, whispering to me. Pizza is literally my kryptonite. I am completely worthless when the pizza surrounds me in a dense smell-field of cheese, meat, (sometimes veggies if I’m trying to be a little healthy) and bread. Honestly a sack of potatoes would be of more help than me with pizza around. One time, while I was watching Game of Thrones, I ate a whole extra large combo to myself. At the time it was amazing but hearing it out loud makes me feel like I’m Jabba the Hutt. I think eating food is like a great adventure. I would rather go to a restaurant and stuff my face for two hours than go out to a club, which is a big problem my friends. When ordering a double whooper with cheese, large fries, a drink, and two dollar menu burgers is your idea of fun something is seriously wrong. I’ve been trying to cut down on the good old nights at the restaurants so wish me luck guys! I guess dreaming of a BBQ Chicken pizza with an egg on top will have to do for now. Damn I’m hungry…

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