Fantasy Football Update

We started this journey talking about the unexplainable “luck” I have when it comes to fantasy football and I’m back to tell you that it hasn’t gotten any better. When I told you guys about the injuries to my best player David Johnson and also to Allen Robinson that was only the first week of fantasy. I still had a sliver of hope for the year. Due to the fact that I am an idiot, I believed that maybe this was the year that everything turned around. I thought that the fantasy gods would see what they did this time and start giving me breaks. To no one’s surprise, except mine, I am the proud owner of the worst team in our league. Seriously, people in my league are complaining that they don’t get to play me cuz its a free win. There was a conversation literally right next to me about how lucky one of them was for playing me twice. Everyone seemed to think it was hilarious but I cried on the inside. It was just a reminder of how much I suck at fantasy football. My bad luck has just gotten worse. One week I lost mainly because my opponents player fell after a couple of yards, got up, and ran 75  yards for a touchdown. Apparently, everyone on the field besides him thought the play was over so when he got up no one stopped him. I have literally never seen that before in my life. The players just let him score because they all hate me. Wanna hear something crazy? It happened to me again two weeks later! My opponents player fell down and everyone just let him score, I couldn’t believe it. I can just picture the fantasy gods sitting around a table, drinking wine, drunk out of their minds, just laughing and the fantasy equivalent of Zeus saying, “look how I can make Harry lose this week!”. I never should have gotten my hopes up. I should have known that losing was inevitable but I won a game early on by pure wizardry and I got excited. I guess I’ll just keep pretending this means I’m gunna win the lotto. Till next chapter in fantasy my friends.

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