The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life

No, that title is not an exaggeration. The most embarrassing moment I can remember happened to me a couple months ago and it took this long for me to be able to write about it without uncomfortably squirming. This is the story of how I was mistaken for a bum.

Once a year I take my 49er’s piggy bank to the closest Coinstar in order to exchange the leftover change that I have accumulated. This year I was really excited for some extra spending money because my piggy bank was filled to the brim. It was a lazy Saturday so I had sweats and a Star Wars long sleeve with a fresh new haircut (or so I thought). I drove down to the local Safeway and got the receipt from the Coinstar for over $200 worth of coins. You know how much food and video games I can buy with that kind of money, like one game and two meals. Needless to say, I was juiced! I had to take my receipt and get cash at the register so I waited until it was my turn. This is where the day took a turn for the worst…

I’m not gunna lie to you guys, I thought I was looking good that day. As I said, I had a fresh haircut and my favorite long sleeve. I hadn’t eaten all day so I was feeling not as fat as normal. I also was getting money so I felt pretty great overall. That is, until it was my turn at the register. I handed the cashier my receipt and explained that was all I was there for. While she was getting the bills ready for me, the woman behind me whispered “it happens to all of us”. First off, you can’t just whisper things like that in someones ear out of nowhere. I literally jumped and had instant goosebumps I was so scared. On top of that though, she slid something into my hand while the whisper still echoed. I looked down to realize she had put a five dollar bill in my hand with the deftness of someone buying drugs in broad daylight. This was the moment my legs started to sweat despite how eerily cold the room had become.

I completely froze. I had no idea what had just happened and the woman was just standing there, staring into my very soul. I felt as if the whole store was suddenly aware of only me and my weird Star Wars shirt, judging my stupid haircut that made my head look oddly shaped. I was so surprised and embarrassed that all I could do was whisper “Thank you”, turn to the cashier, accept my $200, and dip out of there. I swear to God I have never moved faster than I did in that moment. I basically sprinted out the door, with my sweaty legs making weird noises, to my car where I finally stopped to go over the horrific events of the last 5 minutes.

As I hid from the world in my car, I realized that this woman must have thought I looked homeless. Apparently, I looked so disheveled with my sweats, shirt, and horrible haircut, that she assumed I needed some money. To this day I can’t believe how amazingly generous this woman was but did I really look that bad?? My confidence has forever been shaken after this one. One of the worst parts about it though is I know I should have given the money back to her but she looked at me so convincingly that I freaked out and ran away. It just adds to the most embarrassing moment of my life. All I know is that I still wake up sweating in the middle of the night just thinking about that goose bump inducing whisper. So to the woman who gave me money thinking I was a bum, thank you very much. I will never step out of my house again.

24 Hour Fitness

I have been working at 24 Hour Fitness in Pacifica for almost 4 years and Saturday was my last day. I am beyond excited for my new opportunity in publishing but it has really been sad to leave the place that has been my second home throughout these years. When I first started at the gym, I was lucky enough to have some of the best coworkers anyone could ask for. They were the reason I stayed so long at 24. Going into work was basically just hanging out with my friends and that is honestly the greatest feeling. Although some people didn’t work with me the entire time I was there, we still keep in touch and hangout to this day. The one person that has been there basically since the beginning was Lena. Through the power of pizza, Star Wars, food and more food, Lena has become one of my best friends. My years at 24 would not have been so amazing without my twin and I’m seriously going to miss working with her so much! There are a crazy amount of people that I want to mention as well but they know who they are and I’m going miss you all as well. On top of having the best coworkers ever, I had the pleasure of being surrounded by the most amazing and caring members. Every single day there would be snacks and goodies at the front desk. Most of the time it would be the greatest member ever, LJ, who would always make sure to bring us little presents. It was incredible how much stuff she spoiled us with and I can’t thank her enough. She even got me a going away gift which I really appreciated.  One of the members, Fred, went and bought me a book, which if you know me is the perfect gift. I am just blown away by the generosity and love that all the members at Pacifica showed me during my time there. I’m going to miss all the members that I talked to daily, like Grace and Elmo to name a few, and those that I talked Game of Thrones with. One of the worst parts about this is having to leave all the little ones from Kids Club. It is literally heart breaking that I wont be able to hangout with Finley, Parker, Brandon, Harper and all my other babies. I was able to watch them all grow since they were 6 months old, they are the sweetest kids. Aside from the amazing people I met over the years, the things I learned at 24 will help me in my career and life. Before I started working there, I was pretty shy when it came to talking to people I wasn’t comfortable with. The constant interactions with the members allowed me to grow immensely in that regard. I really do believe I grew up while at 24 and am beyond grateful for my wonderful four years there. This particular blog was really tough for me to write because I have so many fond memories that I wanted to talk about but I cant possibly mention them all. It was also tough because I absolutely love my family at Pacifica 24 and leaving them is so difficult. Actually writing everything down was sad but I am so grateful for everything and everyone. I’m going to miss the gym more than I ever thought I would when I started there. I love you guys, you’re truly the best. Thank you for the most incredible 4 years! Miss you already!


I’m pretty sure Netflix is slowly ruining my life. I started suspecting this a couple months ago when I realized that I wasn’t watching television anymore. All the shows I was watching were starting to pile up on the DVR because I was insanely behind on them. Ever since I got a Firestick (allows my not smart TV to become a smart TV) the only thing I do is watch Netflix. I never change the TV to actual television. There’s just too many shows on Netflix to ever possibly get bored. I’ve watched both Parks and Rec and The Office twice all the way through. After finishing Stranger Things (which was amazing) I have moved onto The Last Kingdom and The Punisher, only waiting mere hours before starting them. Netflix is ruining my life because it’s starting to take precedence over other things. Do I want to go to the gym or watch Tropic Thunder? The gym can wait, that movie is hilarious (Tom Cruise for God’s sake). I’ve got to go to the bathroom? We don’t pause in this house, have to wait another hour. Go out with my friends? Nope, Netflix is my greatest friend. You get the picture, I watch too much Netflix. I mean, sometimes after work, the most conversation I have is when Netflix asks me if I’m still watching and I respond with “don’t judge me” while pressing yes (always yes). It’s even starting to mess with my reading. I started A Song of Fire and Ice (the Game of Thrones books) like 3 months ago but I’m not even passed book one yet because of stupid Netflix. At this point, I watch movies on there that I actually own in Blue-Ray just because I have the power (so much power) to do so and they are downstairs which is rough due to the fact that I don’t gym anymore. I think I have to go all Punisher and hit my Firestick with a hammer. Maybe I’ll finally be free from this prison that is my bed after that. Until then though, I have 12 more episodes of the Punisher left I can’t wait to watch them!