Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Review

Spoiler Alert! Do not read this post if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi. That was your last warning, here we go! Now I have said before that I absolutely hate spoilers but there was no way I could do this review without them. I was one of the people who loved Force Awakens so I was beyond excited for The Last Jedi. All my friends were crazy excited as well because Star Wars is amazing. I wanted Kylo Ren to become my favorite Sith and for Luke to be a bad ass. I was completely ready to watch one of my favorite Star Wars movies. We went the Saturday after it came out and I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed in my life. There were things in the movie that I certainly liked but a couple of events that happened totally ruined the movie for me. Lets start with the good first. The Last Jedi was a beautiful movie. The cinematography was outstanding which made the opening space battle one of the best in Star Wars history. The Kylo and Rey fight vs. the Praetorian Guards was awesome and so was seeing Yoda again. This was also one of Mark Hamill’s best performances of his career. After that though, there wasn’t much good left for me. I’m going to try to explain all the things wrong with The Last Jedi but I’m sure I’ll miss some stuff. How bout we talk about Princess Leia becoming Superman. As you all know, Carrie Fisher sadly passed away. This led fans to believe they would have to kill off Leia in The Last Jedi but apparently not. In the movie, Leia was blown out of a starship into space which would kill most people. Instead of having a powerful death that would resonate for years, the makers of The Last Jedi decided to have Leia use the Force and FLY through space back to safety even though up until this point she had only shown a small connection with the Force. Somehow she managed to surround her entire body with a Force bubble and fly back. Leia ends up surviving the entire movie which makes no sense because she can’t be in the next movie. They better not just put “Leia has died” in the opening crawl, that would be insanely disrespectful. It wouldn’t be the first time the director, Rian Johnson, killed off a beloved characer by just stating it. At one point, a character just says “Admiral Ackbar died”. Rian Johnson just wanted to get rid of him and make way for the new characters without giving him a proper death (more on this later). Lets move on to Luke and Rey though. At the end of Force Awakens, we were left with Rey extending Luke’s (and Anakins) lightsaber to him. Luke hasn’t seen this lightsaber since his father cut off his hand. You would think that Luke would be crazy interested in how this girl he doesn’t know has it years and years later but no, he just throws it over his shoulder. This was the beginning of the end for the Luke we knew. For some unknown reason, Rian Johnson completely switched Luke’s personality and whole character. Luke is reduced to a hermit who drinks milk out of alien tits. Later on we discover that part of the reason Luke is on the island is because he tried to kill Kylo Ren in his sleep. We are suppose to believe the man that went to turn Darth Vader good, the most evil man in the galaxy, all of a sudden tries to kill the son of his sister and bestfriend just because he saw a little dark side in him. It makes no sense at all! We’ll return to Luke after I talk about the other characters. Rey, after maybe a day of training all of a sudden is a master with the lightsaber. Not sure how that works but later on she takes on like 7 Praetorian Guards, who have been trained their whole lives. Also in that one day of training she somehow becomes strong enough with the Force to basically move a mountain even though it took days for Luke to move rocks in the originals. This also brings me to one of the Force Awakens plots they just threw away. For the last two years we have been excitedly debating who Rey’s parents are. Is she the daughter of Luke? Maybe she’s Obi Wan’s kid or the child of one the Sith lords. Nope! Her parents are nobodies who are “laying in a ditch on Jakku”. So you’re telling me some random girl is as powerful as Kylo Ren who has Skywalker blood, the most powerful Force users the galaxy has ever seen. This just sounds like Disney wanting to push “anyone can be a Jedi”. That may be true but they can’t be as powerful as a Skywalker. The other storyline that was a huge topic after Force Awakens was who is the mighty Snoke. We were told and shown that Snoke was the most powerful Force user we had ever seen. He was just throwing Rey around like a rag doll, which was pretty awesome until it wasn’t. Without telling us who Snoke really was, they killed him. I actually had no problem with him dying, it was a fantastic twist, but the way he died was just plain stupid. After showing us how powerful Snoke was, he was able to connect Kylo and Rey’s minds from light years away and read their thoughts, Kylo used the Force to turn on the lightsaber near Snoke, cutting him in half. You’re telling me he was that powerful with the Force but couldn’t sense a lightsaber moving next to him or read it in Kylo’s mind? It would have been insane if Kylo and Rey teamed up and killed snoke together rather than just tricking this supposedly crazy powerful person. I would talk about Finn and Rose but literally they did nothing and their storyline just took you out of everything else that was important. I want to move on to my last couple of points. Kylo Ren is really cool and has awesome Force abilities but he basically didn’t do much. In the last act, he went with the First Order to kill everyone hiding on the resistance planet, which included his mother. To allow enough time for Leia and everyone to escape, Luke finally showed up to face Kylo. Now up until this point I was fine with the movie for the most part but then it all changed. I had been waiting forever to see Luke back in action and for him to fight Kylo. It would have been the most epic fight of all the Star Wars movies. Instead we got Luke not even showing up in person and sending a Force spirit or something to distract Kylo. The thing I was waiting for the entire movie was fake and kylo’s lightsaber was just phasing through Luke. Once everyone else had escaped Luke just peaced out. Then the unthinkable happened. Luke died because he was too tired… Are you kidding me?? That’s how your going to kill off the most beloved Jedi ever?? I just didn’t understand it. I know that it was a crazy use of the Force but literally he just disappeared. We were robbed of the epic fight between Luke and Kylo for no reason. Everything could have stayed exactly the same except Luke showing up in person and dueling Kylo for 10 minutes while everyone escaped. Rian Johnson made Luke into a coward. A coward that wouldn’t go help his best friend before he died or help his sister out and tell her he’s sorry. I just don’t get it. There is so much more but I’ve already gone on too long. I just hope these things get corrected in Episode 9 but for right now I absolutely hated this movie. This was like the complete opposite of how Game of Thrones makes me feel. That’s the end of my rant, let me know what you guys thought about The Last Jedi whether you agree with me or not. Till next time.

Thor: Ragnarok Review

The third Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok, hit theaters this weekend. I was lucky enough to avoid all the crazy lines on Friday night to watch it for you guys and let you know if it’s worth watching. Wasting no time at all, yes. A million times yes. I loved this movie and I think I love it more and more each day I go without it. Thor: Ragnarok was directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I’ve heard from some people that the beginning of the movie threw them off a bit, this is due to Taika Waititi completely reinventing Thor. The first two Thor movies were more Game Of Thrones like than Deadpool like. They were pretty serious movies with spots of humor here and there. Thor was still awesome in those movies but his personality was a little dull. He was kind of above everything and everyone. That old Thor was thrown out the window though. Chris Hemsworth was hilarious in this movie. Like I said before, it took a little time to adjust to the new Thor but once you do it’s full steam ahead from there. Not only was he funny but he also kicked ass like never before, often to Led Zeppelin (everything is better when Led Zeppelin is played to it). The greatest thing about the new, lighter, Thor was the opportunity to let everyone in the movie shine comedically. Tessa Thompson was great as Valkyrie, and Tom Hiddleston was perfect again as Loki. Jeff Goldblum was fantastic as the Grand Master. Every time he was on screen I was laughing. He was so eccentric and just so Jeff Goldblum, if that makes sense. Similarly to the way they change Thor for this one, they changed Hulk for the better as well. The Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo, actually has more than 1 line and his banter with Thor provided some of the funniest scenes in the movie. Although everyone in the movie was hilarious, one character stole the show for me. Korg, played by Taiki Waititi himself, killed me. I couldn’t control myself whenever he said something. It wasn’t normal laughing either, it was one of those silent, mouth open, rocking back and forth, ugly laughs and I don’t know why it just happened. I wanted to talk about some of the jokes because I crack up just thinking of them, however, I absolutely hate spoilers so you will have to watch it yourself to ugly laugh like me. This movie had every thing I could have wanted in a Marvel movie. It was hilarious and kick-ass from start to finish, even featuring a formidable villain played by Cate Blanchett. From the characters, to the setting, and the overall vibe, Thor: Ragnarok is one of my favorite Marvel movies of all time.  I cant wait to see it again and for you guys to check it out too. I’m going to give it a 5 out of 5 Jeff Goldblums!

A Review of IT

By now, the majority of people who wanted to watch the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” have seen it so I thought it would be fun to talk about it, no pun intended (I’ve always wanted to say that). First I want to say that I haven’t seen the other adaptations of Stephen King’s novel in years and I don’t remember much so this discussion is solely about the new movie. With that being said lets begin. I went to see this movie twice so that already tells you that I enjoyed it but the reasons why may be a surprise to those who didn’t check the movie out.  “IT” was advertised everywhere as a scary movie and while it is scary, they focused more on other aspects of the story than any other scary movie I’ve seen. Now, I am one of those weirdos that doesn’t get scared at all in these types of movies but both groups of people I saw this with were hiding (one of my friends was hiding behind his sweatshirt half the damn movie, you know who you are) and jumping throughout the movie so it definitely accomplished that goal. What I loved the most about this movie however, was the dynamic of the group of friends. The kids in “IT” were played by amazing young actors and they were portrayed like actual kids. Sometimes movies will have children characters that are too perfect and can’t really be seen as real, meaning the way they talk and react is more pristine than an actual kid would be. In this movie though, the kids swear up a storm and make hilarious jokes about each others mothers because there are no parents around to hear. Seriously this could be considered a comedy because I was laughing my butt off the entire time. The chemistry of the kids and the focus put on their relationships was amazing. Each kids individual fears were explained and for most of them, the fears made perfect sense. We even got scenes that had no other goal but to show the kids enjoying their summer vacation. It was refreshing to watch a scary movie actually take time to slow it down a bit and build it’s characters. Aside from the kids, another star of the movie was Pennywise the Dancing Clown played by Bill Skarsgård. Pennywise was creepy as hell I’m not gunna lie. I know I said I don’t get scared but there was one scene in a bathroom that made me jump out of my seat. His voice and the way he moved gave me goosebumps a couple of times. The clown was definitely the scariest part of the movie. The one problem I have with “IT’ is that Pennywise wasn’t in the movie as much as I would have wanted. It would have been much more scary if he was utilized more. That being said, that was really the only issue I had with the movie it was that good. On a scale of 1-Game Of Thrones it was a solid 2 which means it was fantastic. If you haven’t already seen it go check out Stephen King’s “IT”, you won’t be disappointed.